How You Can Get Relief from Chronic Pain?

How You Can Get Relief from Chronic Pain

Pain can be very debilitating towards our daily lives. It can appear suddenly, it can get worse, or it can even happen at the most untimely hour of the day. Pain is somehow the sign that you should get help, similar to that of how fever happens when your body seeks medication.

RiteChoice Family Services, Inc., a dependable provider of senior home care in Pennsylvania, sees that severe pain can lead to chronic pain if l eft untreated. It can disable anyone anytime and anywhere. Experts even reveal that it disables more people than cancer and heart disease. Today, we give you these ideas on how you can get relief from chronic pain.

Identify the pain
According to, there are two types of pain—acute pain and chronic pain. The former comes on suddenly. Acute or severe pain may come off brief but it can disrupt the natural flow of your day. It can last for a few minutes to a few weeks or months.

On the other hand, chronic pain is “ongoing”. Chronic pain can result from an infection, an injury, or it can be psychogenic or something that is unrelated to injury. Unlike acute pain, chronic pain can last from months to years. This is very dangerous to one’s physical and emotional health.

Drink enough water
Water has a lot of benefits including reducing the pain that our body feels. When we feel thirsty, especially if you have been drained from the summer heat, we are tempted to drink juice or soda, when in fact, these can only worsen the dehydration. Water keeps you hydrated without damaging your skin. Alcohol may be tempting but it can damage your skin and can replace the fluids that help you stay hydrated.

Pick the right foods
Certain food can alleviate your condition while some can make it worse. Studies show that leafy green vegetables and foods with low sugar and high in omega-3 fatty acids can alleviate the pain that you feel. It is imperative for older people to eat the right foods to be able to keep up with the nutritional requirements that naturally increase over time.

Swelling or tenderness is one of the primary sources of pain and there are foods that might worsen the situation such as citrus fruits, eggs, wheat products, and some vegetables such as eggplant, tomatoes, and high-fat red meat.

Consider turmeric
Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory effects which can cure several diseases and health conditions such as inflammation in the body. It can increase flexibility and improve one’s immune system. This is very helpful to older people. You can add this to your meals or sprinkle it in one’s tea.

Try relaxation techniques
There are different relaxation techniques that could reduce the stress. Stress can actually worsen the situation of the chronic condition; so, it is imperative that your elders stay in good mood and as much as possible avoid the stressors.

Relaxations techniques such as yoga and other forms of exercises or recreational activities could soothe their minds and hearts. Good disposition cause less stress, less stress means balanced blood pressure and heart rate, balanced physiological processes means lesser risks of inflammation, headache, and other sources of pain to occur.

Practice correct posture
If your elderly loved ones are struggling with back pain or muscle pain, one possible source is posture. Osteoporosis, arthritis, and other medical conditions that cause chronic pain are preventable. One way to prevent is proper posture.

Maintaining correct posture is important in fighting pain. It also decreases risks to find a C-slump kind of back when we get older. So, stomach in and chest out for a healthier body feeling!

Get professional help
It is important that you talk about your pain to your primary care doctor or healthcare specialist. It is imperative to share all your concerns and struggles to be able to identify the probable cause and possible treatment. You can also ask help from your provider of senior home care in Pennsylvania to get medical appointments with a pain specialist.

Speaking of home care, get the right quality of help for you or your elderly loved ones today! Call RiteChoice Family Services, Inc., a steadfast provider of senior home care in Pennsylvania!


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