5 Effective Ways on How You Can Encourage Senior Independence (Part 2)

5 Effective Ways on How You Can Encourage Senior Independence (Part 2)

  • Give them PERS
    Emergencies for those aged 65 are typical for their risks of falling doubles as they age. This could pose a grave threat especially when no one is around to help them in recovering.

    As a caregiver to a family member, you may feel worried every single day knowing that something may happen to your loved one without you to attend to his or her emergency.

    But good thing we are backed by technology nowadays and there are a lot of ways on how your loved ones can ask for help with a press of a button. There are even state of the art technologies that have been invented today to detect if your senior needs help without invading his or her privacy. We call these PERS or personal emergency response system.

    These devices can allow your grandparents, parents or loved ones to easily call for help with a press of a button. But what is your elderly is going outside and has unfortunately met an accident? Do not worry because there are PERS that has GPS on them, letting the caregiver and the loved ones of the seniors to track down where the older adult is.

  • Prepare the home
    The home of the elderly should serve as his or her haven so one of the major concerns a caregiver has is how to make the house more safe and convenient for the elderly to move around.

    Before buying supportive equipments that can aid your senior in going about his or her day inside their house, we recommend that you see and do things the way your older family member does. Put yourself in their shoes.

    Look for the places where hazards may occur. According to www.huffingtonpost.com, you can consider the following courses of actions:

    • Removing floor hazards
    • Installing bathroom rails
    • Lowering shelves in the pantry
    • Adding more lighting

    Aside from that, we also suggest you do the following:

    • Ensuring that the house is safe in case of natural calamities
    • Fixing broken furniture
    • Throwing out appliances that are out of order
    • And just about everything basic about keeping the house safe

    The courses of action we mentioned above is not that difficult to follow and you can even make sure of the safety of the elderly, ask help from professionals such as RiteChoice Family Services, Inc., provider of Senior Home Care in Pennsylvania.

  • Have their essentials delivered to their house
    Because of the internet, and the gadgets we are able to do a lot of things we were not able to do hundreds of years ago. The future is now and the things we considered science fiction before are now becoming a reality.

    We all know that the elderly should not travel alone because it may risk his or her potential to meeting accidents. But an elderly cannot avoid going out on the road because he or she needs to shop for groceries and refill their medications. There is even that whole doctor’s appointment thing.

    But take a step back of the old ways and explore the new and conventional ways. A lot of baby boomers have the luxury of time to use the internet. Therefore, they can use this time in order to order their needed supplies online ranging from their grocery items to their prescription medicine.

    Pharmacies are now catering orders and giving automatic refills so that their clients will no longer step out of their house to buy their needed medications. Providers of senior home health care services can also provide the services the seniors need inside their home. They can even order medical services online such as:

    • Physical therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Speech therapy
    • Skilled nursing
    • And many more

    Is it not an amazing world we live in today?

And speaking of services delivered, you can visit the website of RiteChoice Family Services, Inc. at www.ritechoiceservices.com so you can enjoy our Senior Home Care in Pennsylvania.


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