About Us

Home Care in Pennsylvania


  • CEO: Dr. Michael Madu
  • Quality Manager: Queen Madu
  • Assistant Program Manager: Desmond Nnenanya
  • Sr. Administrative Assistant: Leslie Garcia
  • Administrative Assistant: Chelsea Madu
  • Administrative Assistant: Clinton Madu

About the CEO

Dr. Michael Madu is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RiteChoice Family Services Inc. Prior to this, he was Vice President of consumer banking at Bank of America.

Dr. Madu was educated at Community College of Philadelphia, where he obtained two Associate degrees – Associate of Science (AS) and Associate of General Studies (AGS). Dr. Madu then proceeded to Philadelphia University, where he completed a double major program and graduated with Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business and Science. Dr. Madu also obtained Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Philadelphia University.

After completing his academic studies at Philadelphia University, Dr. Madu proceeded to Walden University, where he graduated with Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree.

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