Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Waivers

Pennsylvania - Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Waivers


  • Consolidated
  • PFDS
  • Base Funding

ODP Services:

Skilled Nursing Care
Feel confident in knowing that your loved one is in the care of qualified and experienced caregivers.

  • Mental Health Issues
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Developmental Challenges
  • Behavioral Challenges
  • Elderly Care and Companionship

Home and Community Habilitation
This is direct service provided by our experienced and compassionate caregivers in the homes of our consumers, other residential settings and community. This service is geared towards assisting individuals in acquiring, retaining, and improving self-help, socialization and adaptive skills. We help you or your loved one by improving quality of life and enhancing independence.

Companion Services
This service is tailored to provide supervision and assistance focused on the health and safety of the consumer. Receive help with light home chores such as cooking, cleaning, grocery, and doctor’s/medical appointments through our remarkable companion services. Not only do you get the assistance you need around the house, you build strong relationships.

Respite Services
This is a direct service aimed at providing and supporting individuals during a period of absence or need for relief of those persons normally providing care. Take a vacation you have been putting on hold. We take care of your loved one for a short time so you can get a break, a vacation, or some relief. Our process is simple. Depending on your personal situation, we either send a residential or home health aide or nurse to your home, and he or she cares for your loved one until the caretaker returns.
This service can be provided in the private home of the consumer, home of a family member, friend or any other home acceptable to the individual/family.

Behavioral Support
Homemaker/Chore Services
Transportation – Non-Emergency

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