Simple Tips in Administering Hair Care for Seniors

Simple Tips in Administering Hair Care for Seniors

Senior Home Care in Pennsylvania – Hair Care Made Easy

The hair is considered as one’s crowning glory. Many flaunt their hair to show beauty, vigor, and power. Everybody deserves to look good, and that does not exclude our dear elderly loved ones. However, growing old, the quality and strength of the hair changes. Needless to say, the degree of care to maintain it intensifies.

Taking good care of your loved one’s hair is a great way of showing love. With this, you get to spend more quality time with them. While shampooing them, you may discover things that you have not discovered before. And even if your loved one is experiencing a cognitive challenge like dementia, for sure, they will feel your dedication.

Run through these hair care tips for your seniors:

Tip #1: Choose sensitive shampoos and conditioners.

It is better not to choose shampoo brands that are too strong, both in formulation and scent. Remember that their hair and sense of smell is becoming too sensitive. It is recommended to choose ones that are organic and dermatologically tested. If your patient requests a certain brand, and if it is not hazardous to their hair and scalp, use the same. It’s best not to quarrel with them.

Tip #2: Keep a neutral water temperature.

The water should not be too hot or cold. If the water is too hot, you might scald their scalps and cause even bigger problems to their hair. If the water is too cold, you may make them uncomfortable and chilly. Also, make sure that the water pressure is not too strong. Just gently wet their hair so that they may be able to relax during the hair care treatment.

Tip #3: Be chatty and humorous.

Just like they do it in hair salons. Make your senior feel as comfortable as they can. Serve them with enthusiasm so that they won’t feel agitated or irritated. Open possible topics that they can relate and talk with. Appreciate their best features and tell them about it. You can also talk about the latest trend in politics and wait for their own conjectures.

Tip #4: Set a soothing ambiance.

Play out their favourite ballads or instrumental tracks that can enchant their souls. Don’t pump the volume too loud, just enough to make them feel delighted. You may light scented candles to infuse aromatherapy to your care. The combination of auditory and olfactory sensation may lessen their stress levels.

If you want, you may apt to massage them gently as well.

Tip #5: Apply appropriate conditioners.

To perpetuate the good condition of your loved one’s hair, apply appropriate conditioners. Not every scalp is amenable to whatever hair care product. Better consult your dermatologist on this matter.

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