Is Depression Really Dangerous?



We have been using the word “depressed” and “anxious” regularly without really understanding its real implication to our mental health. At a glance, depression may be just another type of human emotion that equates to extreme sadness and melancholy. We treat this as something normal in a human being’s circus of emotions. But for seniors, depression is a condition that imposes something more serious than just a somber mood.

The senior population is one of the most vulnerable to depression. It is due to the myriad of events that could happen throughout their lifetime that can cause them to be stressed out or anxious with no particular reason. The death of a loved one, discovering an age-related disease, being idle for a long time, these are just some of the reasons why they can be prone to depression.

The question whether depression is really dangerous or not is still one of the debatable issues in the health care community today. At RiteChoice Family Service, Inc., your partner in Senior Home Care in Pennsylvania, we will try to shed light on the issues, and together, let us discover how depression can affect the overall well-being of seniors.

How do you know if your loved ones are depressed?

It is very hard to determine the symptoms of depression. They can be the usual mannerism of your senior loved ones and you would not bother. Sometimes, it could be senior adults exhibiting a different attitude that is also alarming.

But here are some signs that you might be watchful for:

  • lack of interest in doing anything and would prefer to be left alone
  • being so negative and pessimist in almost everything
  • they mumble incoherent words and involves the idea of suicide and the like
  • restlessness and anxiousness

If you can notice these signs constantly shown in your loved one’s movements and behavior, then they need immediate attention from you and from the experts. Having a long term caregiver can also help a lot in detecting these behaviors as they can easily see changes in the seniors.

Who can be at risk of geriatric depression?

The clinical term of depression affecting the elderly is called geriatric depression. This is caused by a variety of factors, but it can affect anyone easily. Low levels of neurotransmitters, like serotonin, which is responsible for uplifting one’s mood, is affected. Depression can also be hereditary, especially when a family member has been diagnosed with one in the past. Lastly, a person who has undergone traumatic experiences in life can be at risk of depression.

On the other hand, depression is not just caused by biological factors. It can also be acquired as seniors adults are constantly exposed in a toxic environment which causes them to think negatively. Substance abuse can also cause depression, especially to those who are regularly taking prescription drugs. Although these drugs can help regulate health conditions, it can really affect their mental health over time.

Is depression a serious disease? The answer lies on you. Observe your loved ones and see whether they are doing well or not. You might need a remedy for it as soon as possible. Let us guide you through the whole process of coping up and adjusting to depression among seniors with our long-term Senior Home Care in Pennsylvania, RiteChoice Family Service, Inc.

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