3 Common Myths about Long-Term Care

3 Common Myths about Long-Term Care

There is a big probability that at some point in our lives, we might need the long term care from caregivers. That is why, as early as today, we have to correct our common misconceptions about senior home care and health care providers. We need to get our facts straight in order for us to understand the nature of senior home care.

We have gathered three of the common myths that have spread across the internet concerning senior care. Read through the article to distinguish fact from opinion.

Myth 1: Long-term care is just for seniors
We have always associated home care and health care for the senior adults. We think that because of aging, they are fragile and weak, and cannot handle simple activities on their own. We think that long-term care is best and practical for them because they have an all around companion who can provide for their health concerns and other personal needs.

However, we tend to forget that long-term care encompasses both young and old. A person who is sick or is diagnosed with chronic illness and fatal injury might also need long-term care. This is especially true if the patient is foreseen to have a very long recovery period. Long-term care would be very practical and advantageous to them.

With long-term care, they do not only get round the clock assistance, but they also get to save money from having constant trips to the hospital and other emergency checkups because they do not have someone who can respond to their immediate needs.

Myth 2: Health insurance got my retirement covered
People tend to be very dependent on their health insurance. We are working all our lives in order to gain a comfortable retirement. Although our savings through the years can secure our retirement, our abrupt and sudden health conditions may have complicated all of it. With this in mind, our health insurance cannot afford to pay for it all – the hospital bills, maintenance medication, and treatments from specialists.

Our health insurance may have a limited coverage. When the time comes that we will need custodial care which includes having an in-home caregiver, our health insurance may not be able to pay for it. Thus, what we advise at RiteChoice Family Services, Inc., the leader in Senior Home Care in Pennsylvania, is for you to invest in long-term care.

It is never too late to invest in such health care plan. In fact, it would be very beneficial for us and our loved ones. It could save us a lot of money, and we are ensured by its quality services.

Myth 3: My family will take care of me
It might be true that our family will take good care of us, but it would greatly differ when we receive professional care from trained individuals. The extent of help that our family can provide to us would be very limited. Perhaps, they can assist in the grooming, hygiene, and feeding, but they are not allowed to conduct medication for them.

Moreover, family members may not be able to provide sufficient medical treatment to senior loved ones because it is not allowed. Thus, it would be best if we hire someone who will be with our elderly all the time and who knows that is the best care plan for them.

We often have misconceptions when it comes to senior healthcare. Because of this, we tend to be very apprehensive when it comes to letting other people get involved with the care for our senior loved ones. But we deliver a different kind of health care in our Senior Home Care in Pennsylvania. At RiteChoice Family Services, Inc., we cater to your loved one’s needs.

If you are interested to avail of our services, you can visit our website www.ritechoiceservices.com or call us today at 267-292-2876.

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